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If there is a reaction at home, what do we do?

Treat the reaction the same way you would any food reaction: antihistamine for rash/hives, epinephrine autoinjector for other symptoms of anaphylaxis. If there are only a few hives or oral itch, DO NOT give antihistamine for the first hour to see if the reaction worsens. If the hives/oral itch increase, give an antihistamine. Call or text us with any reaction to a dose for instructions on future dosing.


ReadiClinic® is a same day service. Visit guidelines are:

· For established KCAA patients only.

· Do not come to ReadiClinic® if you have a fever or COVID-19.

· If you have recently had a fever, you must call first to review your situation with a nurse.

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Overland Park Office Only

8:30 am - 11:30 am



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