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Overland Park Office

  • Allergy Injection Clinic closed MON, TUES, THURS at 5:30p

Lee’s Summit Office 

5/14/21 – In order to promote the health and safety of our community, masks will continue to be required throughout the duration of your visit.

For more details on our COVID safety protocols please visit: https://www.kcallergy.com/covid-19/

Kansas City Allergy & Asthma is the metro area’s premiere provider of allergy and asthma care. We have been serving the community since 1979 with three convenient locations in Overland Park, Olathe, and Lee’s Summit. We are proud to be expert caregivers and researchers for allergy, asthma, and immunologic diseases.

Our doctors are board-certified by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology which means we are proficient, knowledgeable specialists. We make extraordinary effort to stay up-to-date through continuing education in order to bring the best, most advanced technology to our patients.

We believe that no one should suffer from allergies. We are committed to providing the best possible care for each patient. We offer individualized, targeted care for long-lasting relief or even a cure. We use a team approach to work closely with your primary care physician to diagnose and treat allergies and asthma.

We are honored and privileged to care for you and your family.

We test and treat for virtually every allergic and immunologic condition. We employ cutting-edge diagnostics and offer treatment options for:

  • All types of allergies – food, hay fever/nasal conditions, insect stings, skin, drug
  • Pulmonary problems – asthma, sinusitis
  • Immunodeficiency

Allergies impact up to 80% of children and 70% of adults with asthma. Because of the close tie between allergies and asthma, allergy treatment is often the first step in an asthma care plan.

Our many testing procedures and treatments:


  • Allergy skin test for environmental allergens and food
  • Aspirin test and desensitization
  • Exercise challenge test
  • Local anesthetic test
  • Venom test


  • Allergy injections
  • Infusion therapy for immunodeficiency

For established patients, we offer extensive hours for allergy injections as well as same day ReadiClinic® for urgent needs that arise.

ReadiClinic®is a same day service. Visit guidelines are:

  • For established KCAA patients only.
  • We are not testing for COVID-19 at our office.
  • If you are concerned about symptoms/exposure to COVID-19, please call a KCAA nurse to discuss before visiting.

Overland Park ReadiClinic®

Monday – Friday
8:30a – 11:00a
1:30p – 4:00p

Kansas City Allergy & Asthma - Allergy TestingParticipate in Allergy & Asthma Research

Recruiting Adults & Children with Allergy or Asthma Symptoms for Clinical Research Studies

Kansas City Allergy & Asthma - Physician ReferralsReferring Physicians

We are honored to treat your patients. Any referral reflects your trust, and we appreciate your confidence.


2019 Top Kansas City Doctors

Congratulations to Our Top Doctors

Derrick Ward, MD
Mark Neustrom, DO
Jeffrey Wald, MD

Dr. Brynn Everist, MD

Dr. Everist is a board-certified pediatrician with fellowship training in adult and pediatric allergy, asthma, and immunodeficiency. She diagnoses and treats seasonal allergies, food allergies, asthma, rash conditions such as eczema and hives, and immunodeficiencies.


Location Pollen per m3 of air Mold per m3 of air
KC Metro 191 (High) 112036 (Very High)

Laser Particle Counts

Size Count per m3 of air
0.3-0.5µM 0
0.5-1.0µM 0
1 - 5µM 0
5-10µM 0
>10µM 0

Top 5 Pollens

Pollen Count per m3 of air Percent
Other Weed Pollen 68 35.6%
Compositae 52 27.23%
Plantain 24 12.57%
Grass 19 9.95%
Sage (Artemisia) and Other Pollen 28 14.66%

Top 5 Molds

Mold Count per m3 of air Percent
Cladosporium 43552 38.87%
Other Fungi 35104 31.33%
Ascospores 31075 27.74%
Basidiospores 672 0.6%
Oidium & other fungi 1633 1.46%

Notice to allergen immunotherapy patients

Due to the emergency conditions of the pandemic, we temporarily allow allergen immunotherapy patients to wait in their vehicles. We feel it is now safe for all patients to wait in the waiting room. We are requiring this of all allergen immunotherapy patients effective immediately.

Review our Coronavirus (COVID-19) statementCLICK HERE

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