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Kansas City Allergy & Asthma is the metro’s leading provider of allergy and asthma care since 1979.

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Recruiting adults and children with allergy and asthma symptoms for clinical research studies.
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Kansas City Allergy & Asthma Associates has been serving the community since 1979 with three convenient locations in Overland Park, Olathe, and Lees Summit. We are proud to be Kansas City’s premier caregivers and researchers for allergy, asthma, and immunologic diseases. Our doctors are board-certified by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology, which makes us more proficient and knowledgeable in the field of allergy/immunology. We also make extraordinary effort to stay current in our field via continuing education, conferences, and reviewing the latest literature.

We test for and treat virtually every allergic and immunologic condition. We employ cutting edge medical diagnostics and offer treatment options for:

  • All types of allergies – e.g., food, seasonal, nasal, skin (hives, eczema), insect, eye
  • Pulmonary problems – e.g., asthma, sinusitis
  • Immunodeficiency

Allergies impact up to 80% of kids and 70% of adults with asthma. Because of the close tie between allergies and asthma, treating allergies is often the first step in an asthma treatment plan. At KCAA, every patient is unique. We develop personalized treatment programs that address your specific needs. From children to adults, all ages are welcome for evaluation. We offer all patients, from pediatric to seniors:

  • Experience
  • Cutting edge medicine
  • A multidisciplinary team of specialized experts
  • Comprehensive care

We are honored and privileged to care for you and your family.


ReadiClinic® is a same day service. Visit guidelines are:

· For established KCAA patients only.

· Do not come to ReadiClinic® if you have a fever or COVID-19.

· If you have recently had a fever, you must call first to review your situation with a nurse.

ReadiClinic® Hours
Overland Park Office Only

8:30 am - 11:30 am



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