A food challenge test is a medical procedure during which a food is eaten slowly, in gradually increasing amounts, under medical supervision. We utilize a food challenge to determine if a food allergy exists, confirm a suspected food allergy, or see if a person has outgrown a food allergy.

Skin allergy tests can sometimes result in false positives or negatives. We use a food challenge when a careful medical history and allergy tests are inconclusive. A food challenge definitively confirms or rules out the foods causing reactions.

The food may be eaten on its own or mixed with another food. Sometimes we disguise the food. This way, results are unbiased because the patient does not recognize the food by sight or taste.

As board-certified allergists, we know how to provide a controlled setting. Our care providers are present throughout the test to monitor tolerance and treat any emerging problems. A wait period ensues after ingesting the suspected allergen to both observe reactions and ensure patient safety. Results and treatment plans are discussed at the conclusion of the challenge.

Antihistamines must be stopped prior to the food challenge test, or they may mask results. A couple of suggestions when having an allergy skin test:

    • Allow 2 – 3 hours for the test, wait period, and discussion of results.
    • Eat lightly prior to the test.
    • Do not take antihistamines for at least 4 days prior to testing. Antihistamines can interfere with the results. Click HERE for a partial list. 
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