There are several conditions that are examined with an exercise challenge.

  1. People may experience normal lung function at rest. A condition, called exercise-induced asthma, is present if they develop airway constriction during or after exercise.
  2. Exercise-induced anaphylaxis is a rare but serious condition. It can cause hives, fainting, vomiting, and/or difficulty breathing during a workout. Symptoms can last up to 4 hours afterwards.
  3. Eating certain foods before exercising may incite an allergic reaction. Peanuts, shellfish, tomatoes, corn and wheat are associated with exercise-induced anaphylaxis. But any food can cause a reaction.

An exercise challenge is designed to test lung function during exercise. A baseline lung function is measured. The patient exercises on a treadmill and intensity is increased as repeat measurements are taken. Our care providers are present throughout the test to monitor tolerance and treat any emerging problems.

A couple of suggestions when having an exercise challenge test:

    • Wear fitness clothing and athletic shoes
    • Stop any medications in advance as we have specified
    • Do not exercise on the day of the test
    • Eat lightly prior to the test
Kansas City Allergy & Asthma - Exercise Challenge Test

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