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Skin Allergies

Allergic skin reactions are common, but determining what causes them can be a challenge.

Medications, infections and immune system disorders can cause skin irritation. When an allergen causes the irritation, that’s a skin allergy.

Common allergic skin conditions include:


This condition is common, especially in kids. It’s also called atopic dermatitis, and causes dry, irritated, inflamed skin. Some food sensitivities can make eczema worse, and it’s often linked to asthma and hay fever. Since histamine isn’t responsible for eczema’s itch, antihistamines don’t control symptoms.


When the immune system releases histamine, small blood vessels leak. This causes swelling and inflammation of the skin, or hives. The condition is also called urticaria. Acute urticaria occurs after being exposed to a trigger like a particular food, medication, or insect sting. It can also be caused by viral infections in children. Chronic urticaria can last for months.

Allergic contact dermatitis

This occurs when the skin breaks out after contact with an allergen. The most common example is poison ivy. That plant, along with poison oak and poison sumac, is covered with oil that causes an itchy, red rash. Nickel is another common cause of allergic contact dermatitis, along with certain chemicals found in cosmetics and other skin products.


Often seen with hives, this is a swelling in deep layers of skin. It occurs often in soft tissues like eyelids, mouth, hands, feet, and genitals.

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